The Bathroom

The Bathroom with inspiration from Candella Ireland Eco Elegance

We recently had the misfortune of a burst pipe in our downstairs toilet!! Seconds later I was transformed into an interior designer extraordinaire! The house and my phone were soon to be wedged with images,magazines, booklets and brouchers. So many questions and decisions! My head was frazzled very very quickly!!

I decided to start by making a list of what I needed/wanted from what in reality is our spare bathroom and work out a colour that I liked. I will say at this point that while I researched the history of bathrooms there was actual real plumbers doing the actual work!! My main job description and only role was to pick the new pieced to go into the fixed, non leaking dry bathroom!! And believe me when I say it did get worse before it got better!

When it comes to colour I love grey, it's the best base for interiors. I picked up my tiles in Right Price Tiles in Carlow. I don't personal like "shiny" tiles so everything is very matt, wall tiles are very cold and heavy and then a plain grey for the floor and the two just worked together!! Everyone who knows me knows powder blue is my colour for everything so when I said that green would be the statement colour of the bathroom everyone was slightly shocked!! My favourite candles are Candella soy candles from Kildare town! They use recycled wine bottles as their container and I love the colours and tones so it was perfect. Finding the exact shade of green in accessories was almost impossible so I improvised!! The colour shade altered slightly but still worked with candle containers. I got plain green towels mat in Ikea. It was very green so with the addition of printed foliage towels from penny's it broke up the strong green. It was all coming together!

We managed to salvage sink and pedestal and the toilet which helped the budget. We wanted to replace the bath as it was the only one in the house so to add that little bit of luxury we opted for a roll top and a rain shower! Which are just deadly to use!!

The radiator also had to be replaced and there are two pieces of wisdom I learned!! Shop are round for heated towel rail/radiator combo because the price differences were huge!! And the price for your radiator is just for the radiator your valves and connections are priced separately! !

I wanted a real statement mirror so Ikea again had us covered and at €70 you can't go too far wrong!! I had my beady eye on another one but €350 wasnt getting approval from Mr George and Milly.Round mirrors do tend to be a bit more expensive!!

There's ways to work budgets and comprise on somethings to spend on others (don't comprise on the important things like sound plumbing I'm talking about towel and mirrors etc) ! Our bathroom is now timeless and we are delighted with it.

It took time and patience, there was a bath in the sitting room and a toilet in the hall but it is worth it when it's done!!

Top tips

1. Don't take advice from loads of people , have confidence in your own taste.

2. Do a mood board (never mind the glue and scissors) it's as simple as laying out sample tiles, colours and your inspiration item ( in my case a candle)

3. Decide what you like, you'll be looking at it for a long time.

4. Have fun and be bold!


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